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Tired of solving the same problems in the same industries using the same technology?

Those that start using AI and advanced data analytics early will gain the most. While the technology is yet to live up to the hype, using it now gives a chance to get ahead, learn and improve to drive long-term value. It’s essential to start with developing and deploying use cases and meanwhile building a capability around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics. It’ll be a key differentiator in the short term, and a necessity in the long term.

Our team is growing and we want the brightest minds to join our Data Science, Signals and Analytics team.

We are hiring at all levels:

Data Scientists
- Using our analytics expertise, we help our clients find hidden insights in mass data sets so you can plan more effective responses to tough challenges. We are looking for juniors and seniors who master or would like to master the new technologies like pig, python, r and are able to work on all (open source) platforms.

Data Engineers
- Our data engineering and architecture expertise helps unlock our client’s data, opening doors to new business opportunities, optimal organisational performance and great user experience. Our data engineers create sustainable (big) data platforms, work with the data scientist to develop future proof solution in complex landscape of our clients.

Data Architects
- We’re experts in uncovering the real story buried in data. We help you see what your big data is telling you and visualise what it reveals in a way that everyone can understand. Organisations need to change the approach to legacy architecture to become data driven organisations. We are looking for data architects who know how the future data platforms look like and know how they interact with existing legacy clients’ architectures.

At PA we bridge business requirements and state of the art technology by translating business problems into data focused questions, develop state of the art use cases and implement the solution in agile way to deliver enduring results. We creatively apply agile approaches, all AI & machine learning techniques and work with all available open source platforms and tools. We work independently of any particular platform so we can provide unbiased client advice and choose the best approach for our clients.

In recent projects our team have:

  • Analysed the blogosphere
  • Used voice and text analytics to predict customer sentiments
  • Created an internet of things trial for a FTSE 100 company
  • Create customer journey analytics view across multiple data sources
  • Used unstructured data to predict breaches in unethical behaviour of organisations globally
  • Used neural networks to detect patterns in massive highly non-linear time-series
  • Analysed millions of data items to identify hidden causes of loss in a manufacturing system
  • Developed algorithms to predict critical drug delivery failures before they happen

Job Requirements

PA’s Data Science stack:

Our Data Scientists, engineers and architects work with cutting edge tools, platforms and algorithms to get the understanding we need. We are looking for people with experience in the following technologies:

  • Python, Java, Scala, R, Hadoop, Spark, OpenCV, D3, React, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Image processing, Machine Learning, AI, Internet of Things
  • MS Azure, Google, Hadoop, AMS
  • Existing experience in consulting would be beneficial although we equally like in-house experience
  • An inquisitive mind who wants to solve the trickiest challenges whilst working with incredible colleagues

About PA Consulting Group

We believe that diversity makes us a stronger firm and seek to employ people with different ideas, styles and skill sets, each able to contribute in unique ways. This diversity engenders a richer, more creative environment – one in which our people develop and clients are served better. We are committed to recruiting, promoting and rewarding our people solely on the basis of their ability to contribute to PA’s objectives, without regard to their sex, race, disability, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or marital status.

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